Even though it wasn’t a state tournament run season for the DC-G girls basketball team, the 2018-19 campaign was no less than accolade worthy and it showed in the recent installment of the Little Hawkeye Conference All-Conference.

Within the All-Conference ranks, five Fillie basketball stars have been graced with such honors. Two Fillies have earned first team honors, there was one second team selection, and two honorable mention honors. The two honorable mention honorees were freshman Ella Lampe and senior Lauren Osborn. The second team selection for the Fillies belonged to Julia Reis, and the two first team selections were juniors Jordan Cunningham and Elizabeth Elfvin.

In another fine season, the Fillies peppered the All-Conference list and for the second straight season, one of the honored Fillies received a unanimous selection in the process. Jordan Cunningham was that individual for the 2018-19 season within the DC-G ranks. Her unanimous selection was never in question after she led the conference in field goals made, and ranked second in points per game average. Cunningham was also fourth across all conference shooters in three point field goals made. Cunningham showcased the ability to play in various positions and still be effective, something head coach Adam Jones was quite pleased with.

“Jordan has been so instrumental to this team with the way she can run the floor and be productive in so many different aspects,” started Jones. “She has a great shot that allows her to shoot from basically anywhere on the court which is so hard to defend against. She’s improved a lot and it showed this season.”

Fellow first team All-Conference selection, Elizabeth Elfvin, was also very deserving of her honor. The junior posted a 9.9 points per game average, shot 62 percent from the free throw line, and connected on 75 made field goals, all of which resided inside the top ten in the Little Hawkeye Conference. Elfvin’s 69 assists also paced the entire DC-G Fillie roster.

“Elizabeth is a grinder for sure, never afraid to head to the rim and draw some contact,” began coach Jones. “She’s a very consistent shooter and just like Jordan, a great leader on and off the court.”

Julia Reis put forth a stellar season and was very deserving of her second team selection. As just a sophomore, Reis was fifth in the conference in three point field goals made while averaging just over nine points per game.

Freshman Ella Lampe played a pivotal role in the 2018-19 season and was honored with an honorable mention selection. Lampe was fourth on the team in total points (112) Lauren Osborn, the other honorable mention, was as important as any player on and off the court as highlighted by coach Jones.

“Lauren is one of those players who is just as effective as anyone else, yet you don’t see it all the time on the stat sheet,” began Jones. ” She does so much to direct this team and make sure things run smoothly and sets up a lot of scoring opportunities for others. She’s a true leader both on and off the court which is just a crucial to a successful season as those who put up a lot of points on the scoreboard.”

Osborn will be one of two seniors graduating off of the varsity roster.