The Dallas Center-Grimes Fillies hosted the Boone Toreadors on Tuesday, Jan. 2. Unfortunately, the Fillies opened up the new year with a loss to the Toreadors 30-42.

Toreador Madlyn Danner started the game with a three pointer, but Filly Jordan Cunningham came back with two field goals. With 5:30 still left in the first quarter the Fillies led 4-3.

Soon, the game was tied (6-6) after Danner scored another three pointer and Cunningham made another field goal.

After many trips up and down the court and with just about a minute and a half left, Claire Sandvig scored a field goal for the Toreadors.

Sandvig scored the last points of the quarter, allowing the Toreadors to lead 8-6.

The second quarter began with two fouls called against the Fillies’ Julia Reis. Luckily neither of Reis’ fouls allowed the Toreadors any free throws.

Unfortunately, Danner was still able to score the first points of the quarter. Danner scored another three pointer and the Toreadors led 11-6.

Cunningham finally scored again allowing the Fillies to trail by just three points. Cunningham was called on a foul after her field goal.

This time, the foul allowed Aliyah Graham a free throw. The Toreador had already made a field goal, then made her free throw. With Graham’s three points the score was 14-8.

The Toreadors continued their six point lead after Sandvig scored another field goal, followed by a field goal shot by Elizabeth Elfvin for the Fillies. With five minutes left in the half the Fillies trailed 16-10.

Sandvig scored another six points in the next two minutes before the Fillies could score again.

Finally, with 2:50 to go, Lauren Osborn scored a three pointer. Osborn followed her three pointer with a field goal for the Fillies and the score was 22-15.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t how the half ended. Toreador Lauren Calkins was able to put up two points while being fouled by Leticia Nolte. Nolte’s foul allowed Calkins to score a free throw. The half ended 25-15.

A minute into the second half, Emma Dighton scored a three pointer for the Toreadors.

Jenna Borchers then had an offensive foul called against her that allowed the Toreadors to have possession again and Dighton to score another three pointer.

Elfvin scored the first two points of the half for the Fillies and the scoreboard read 31-17.

Osborn scored the third point for the Fillies after she was fouled and given a free throw. Osborn’s shot was followed by another three pointer from Dighton though.

Luckily those were the last points the Toreadors had in the third quarter. Borchers scored four points for the Fillies with two free throws and a field goal.

Nolte then ended the third quarter by scoring two free throws. Nolte’s free throws allowed the Fillies to be within ten points of the Toreadors (34-24).

The fourth quarter started with a foul called against the Fillies, but Elfvin was able to follow it up with a three pointer.

The Fillies then allowed the Toreadors to score four points that put the score at 38-27.

Seven fouls were thrown before any more points were put on the board.

With just 50 seconds to go, Nolte fouled Sandvig which gave her two free throw attempts. Sandvig made both shots and the score was 40-27.

A few plays later, Elfvin scored the last three pointer for the Fillies. With her shot the scoreboard read 40-30.

Unfortunately, with nine seconds left, Osborn was called on another foul which gave Graham two shots. Graham made her free throws and the game ended 42-30.

The Fillies currently have a 6-4 record this season. They will be playing in Indianola on Friday, Jan. 5 at 6:15 p.m.