On Friday, Dec. 15, the Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs played the Oskaloosa Indians. The Mustangs fell to the Indians by just seven points (56-49).

The Indians had an immediate eight point lead when the first quarter ended 20-12. The Indians continued that lead even though the Mustangs were able to outscore them in the second quarter (14-9) and hold steady in the third (10-10). At the end of the third quarter, the Mustangs were behind 39-36. The Indians widened their leaded when they outscored the Mustangs 17-13 in the fourth quarter, ending the game 56-49.

Steve Borneman and Jordan Humphreys were the leading scorers for the Mustangs. Borneman finished the game with 11 points after scoring three field goals, one three pointer and two free throws.

Humphreys had ten points over the Indians. He made two field goals, one three pointer and three free throws.

Senior Justin Protzman led the Mustangs in rebounds. Protzman finished the night with 12 of the team’s 27 rebounds, four of which were offensive and eight that were defensive.

Borneman led the team with three assists and two steals. Justin Biegger was the second leading Mustang in assists with a total of two. The last two steals for the Mustangs came from seniors Damon Clapper and Tyler Cooney.

Protzman finished the night with two of the Mustangs’ three blocks over the Indians. The third block came from Kade Rosa.

The loss put the Mustangs’ season record at 5-2. They will be playing again tonight (Dec. 19) in Grinnell at 7:45 p.m.