The Dallas Center-Grimes hosted the Perry Bluejays on Tuesday, Dec. 5. The Mustangs dominated the Bluejays in a 71-43 victory.

“[I’m] really pleased with how we came out tonight to start the game especially defensively,” said coach Joel Rankin. “We were engaged, followed the scouting report and had super intensity and energy. We had over 20 assists and passed the ball great. Super team win, 12 kids scored, all 14 contributed.”

The Mustangs immediately had a 4-0 lead after Damon Clapper had back-to-back field goals. Bluejay Rashon Ivory was able to quickly break that lead to just one point with a three pointer.

The Mustangs didn’t stop and came back with six points to put the score at 10-3. Their scoring streak did stop, though, when Mustang Kade Rosa had a foul called against him.

Luckily, the Bluejays also had two fouls. The second foul gave Justin Protzman two free throws. Protzman made both and Steve Borneman, instantly, scored another field goal. With 3:20 left in the first quarter the Mustangs led 14-3.

Ivory scored again for the Bluejay, with just 30 seconds left in the quarter. Protzman had four more points for the Mustangs, ending the first quarter 18-5.

Ivory started the second quarter for the Bluejays with a field goal. While shooting, Protzman fouled him, giving him a free throw. Ivory made his free throw and the Bluejays trailed ten points (18-8).

In the next two and a half minutes the Mustangs put up eight points to the Bluejays’ two.

Ivory finally scored another three pointer for the Bluejays to put them within 13 points of the Mustangs.

It didn’t take long for the Mustangs to widen the gap further. In three minutes, Cole Benson scored three points from a field goal and a free throw off a Bluejay foul, Borneman also made a field goal and three free throws and Justin Biegger and Jacob Waymire scored a field goal each. The Mustangs led 40-15 with 36 seconds left in the half.

The Bluejays were able to hold the Mustangs until the end of the quarter.

Bluejay Connor Nielsen began the third quarter with a field goal. The Bluejays couldn’t get a break though, as Protzman came back with a field goal as well.

Protzman did foul on the next possession though and gave two free throws to Michael Meyer. Meyers’ free throws put the score at 42-19.

The points went back and forth until Ivory was able to make two back-to-back field goals. With his four points, the scoreboard read 46-25.

The ball went back and forth for a while with few points and several fouls. The Mustangs scored just five more points while the Bluejays were able to get another six before the end of the quarter. The quarter ended 51-31.

Just 40 second into the fourth quarter, Mustang Devon Johnson scored. It wasn’t until Clapper was fouled that the Mustangs scored again. His two free throws to put the score at 55-31.

Ivory finally scored again for the Bluejays, just to have Protzman follow it up with another two points.

The game went back and forth scoring and fouling on either side, until the scoreboard read 65-41.

With 1:50 left in the game, Clapper scored another two points for the Mustangs. The Bluejays followed Clapper’s shot with their last two points.

The Mustangs finished the game with two free throws from Johnson and a field goal from Jacob Reis.

The game ended with a 71-43 Mustang victory. The Mustangs will be playing again on Dec. 8 in Newton at 7:45 p.m.

“We are 3-1 right now with our only loss to Norwalk, who is a top team in the state,” Rankin said. “Our goal really is to be better than yesterday and to be playing great basketball at the end of the year. Little Hawkeye [Conference] is loaded so it will be a challenge each night, which will just make us better and battle tested.”