On Tuesday, Dec. 5, the Dallas Center-Grimes Fillies bumped their winning season record up to 3-1. The Fillies took on the Perry Jayettes, whom they easily defeated 50-14.

After the jump ball, the Jayettes had first possession, but it didn’t take long for the Fillies to get the ball back. On the Fillies first possession, senior Jenna Borchers put up two points.

In the next few plays, the Fillies scored two points and the Jayettes had two fouls called against Gabby West.

West’s second foul allowed Borchers two shots. Borchers made both of her free throws, and with 5:25 still left in the first quarter, the Fillies led 6-0.

The Fillies scored another two field goals before an offensive foul called against Mallory Vroegh gave the ball to the Jayettes.

The Jayettes still couldn’t score until there was just 2:20 left on the clock. Alyssa Kruger was the one to finally score, with her field goal the score was 10-2.

Neither team scored again in the first quarter.

It wasn’t until there was 6:45 left on the clock that the Fillies scored in the second quarter. The Fillies were still able to put up another two points before the Jayettes could score again, though.

It wasn’t until nearly halfway through the second quarter that Jayette Molly Lutmer score the second field goal. The score was now 14-4.

Borchers followed Lutmer’s shot with five points of her own. Borchers was one of the Fillies’ leading scorers of the night.

“Jenna Borchers is our leader,” said coach Adam Jones. “she led us not only offensively but also on the defensive end as well. Elizabeth Elfvin gave a great effort last night and played well. Julia Reis helped us offensively and continues to improve.”

Unfortunately, the Fillies also had three back-to-back fouls. Julia Reis finally ended the half 24-4 after a three pointer.

Jayette Grace Stewart started the second half with another field goal in the first 30 seconds.

Elizabeth Elfvin came back for the Fillies with a three pointer and the score was 27-6.

Four fouls followed Elfvin’s shot. On the fourth, Jayette Isabel Saemisch was able to shoot two free throws. After successfully making both, the score was 27-8.

Both teams scored a field goal before a foul against Saemisch allowed Jordan Cunnigham two free throws. Cunningham made one, but the Fillies still led 30-10.

The Fillies allowed the Jayettes one more field goal before the end of the third quarter, while they scored seven more points. The quarter ended 37-12.

The Fillies started the fourth quarter with a foul, but Reis came back and scored seven points.

The Jayettes didn’t get a chance at a shot until Reis fouled Stewart. Unfortunately for the Jayettes, Stewart wasn’t able to make either of her free throws and the score remained at 44-12.

After another Filly three pointer, Saemisch finally scored again. Her field goal was the last of the game for the Jayettes.

The game ended after Lutmer fouled Vroegh during a shot. Vroegh made the field goal and her free throw. The Fillies ended with a 50-14 victory over the Jayettes.

“It is great to see that we are able to get off to a great start to the season knowing that we are young and have some girls with limited experience playing at the varsity level,” Jones said. “Each game is a new learning experience and we continue to grow and improve each week and each game. I am excited about our progress.”

The Fillies will be playing again on Friday, Dec. 8 at 6:15 p.m. at Newton.