Dancers from the Grimes Superstars recently competed at Midwest Starz Dance Nationals. Team Phoenix came home Grand National Champions.

The team received high gold and first place in the jazz category. They also received platinum, Judge’s Choice for “Fantastic and Fun” and first in the tap category.

Team Phoneix’s tap routine also received first place overall and made it to the Grand National Finals, where they came home with another first place overall.

Team Pyxis also made it to the Grand National Finals, where they earned second place for their jazz routine.

Grimes Superstars also had two soloists qualify for the Grand National Finals in Makenna Gregurek and Emma Bushnell.

Image 20180622_141458 - Team Phoenix, performed a tap piece to Juicy Wiggle

Image 20180621_090613 - Team Pyxis, performed a jazz piece to I Just Want to be Happy

Image 20180623_090540 - Soloist , left is Makenna Gregurek, right is Emma Bushnell