The Dallas Center Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of West Polk County, of District 6000, teamed up to provide dictionaries to every 4th-grade student in the Dallas Center-Grimes School District. There are four elementary schools in the growing district, and on Oct. 31 each of the 240 4th graders received their own personalized dictionary, to be used at school or at home.

For many years the Dallas Center Rotary Club has made it a tradition to provide dictionaries to local 4th graders. This year, collaborating with the West Polk County Rotary enabled both clubs to provide enough dictionaries for the region’s growing student population.

The clubs use this opportunity to foster a positive and supportive relationship with their local school district, while also enriching the students’ educational resources. The message is twofold; the students learn how Rotary helps in their community and how Rotary helps people around the world. The students always have many good questions and their teachers are very appreciative of the effort.