The Bock Family Foundation, Inc., located in Perry, Iowa, was established by the Larry Bock and Barbara Bock Estates in 2002. The Bock Family Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce that $65,556.00 was awarded to 32 grant recipients today at a grant presentation held at the Perry Public Library. To date, the Bock Family Foundation, Inc. has awarded grants totaling $1,640,950.00, including grants awarded in this grant cycle. The recipients of Spring 2017 grant awards are:

First United Methodist Church, Perry: $700 for computer monitor mounted in church to assist pastor with overhead projector system

Dallas County Conservation Board: $5,000 for “Let's Connect” (Perry to Woodward trail project)

Dallas County Hospital Foundation: $4,000 towards the purchase of a minivan for transporting patients to Senior Life Solutions program

City of Perry: $2,500 towards “In the Shadow of the Rails” structure at the Raccoon River Valley Trailhead.

Perry Volunteer Fire Department: $3,000 for the purchase of 12 new pagers for firefighters to be contacted by dispatch

Perry Public Library: $1,000 for Summer Readings Kids Fest 2017

Perry Fine Arts: $800 to bring LYRA in concert

Perry Ministerial Association: $4,000 to provide assistance in cases of financial crises or emergencies

Perry Child Development Center: $1,400 for carpet cleaning

Perry Child Development Center: $4,500 for scholarships

P.A.C.E.S.: $7,000 for the Pre K-5th Grade Learning Center Program

Genesis Development: $5,000 for school personnel/counselors

Perry Elementary School: $600 for Music Curriculum on the Internet

Perry Elementary School: $1,360 to purchase milk tickets for K-2nd Grade students

Perry School Student Activities Department: $1,000 towards the purchase of Shadowman Pro 3 Unit Bundle (tackling dummies for football program)

Perry High School Industrial Technology: $1,000 towards upgrading engines for Power Tech 1 and 2 classes

Perry High School Industrial Technology: $2,000 towards updating and modernization of industrial tech program

Perry High School Band: $500 towards purchase of xylophone

Perry High School Color Guard: $500 to purchase new sets of silk to be used with marching band shows and in parades

Perry High School Musical Theatre Dept.: $1,500 towards costs of flying effects in Spring musical

Art on the Prairie: $2,500 towards two public art sculptures

Pegasus Inc.: $600 to purchase office chairs

New Opportunities: $1,100 to purchase a new laptop

Dallas County Habitat for Humanity: $2,500 for Rock the Bock 2017

HomeCare Services Inc of Dallas County: $2,000 towards a food proofer cabinet and refrigerator

New Hope Village Foundation: $1,296 for updates to Perry store & iPad POS kit

Minburn Betterment Group: $750 for Summer Concert series

City of Dawson: $800 for signage for the Miner's Shack

Granger Police Department: $450 to purchase a safe

SAILDC, Inc.: $700 for liability costs for transportation and advertisement

Good Samaritan Food Pantry LLC: $2,500 for Phase II of relocation project

De Soto Police Department: $3,000 to purchase dashboard cameras for two vehicles

The Bock Family Foundation, Inc. had previously established a scholarship program with the Perry DMACC Center and is further pleased to announce that 24 DMACC students attending the Perry VanKirk Career Academy have been awarded scholarships by the Bock Family Foundation Scholarship Fund. In 2015/2016, $4,637 in scholarships were awarded to 10 students, and in 2016/2017, $5,376 in scholarships were awarded to 14 students.

The Bock Family Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit supporting organization for the benefit of organizations operated for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes. Projects funded must be located in Dallas County. Applicants must be a nonprofit organization or a unit of state or local government. The Foundation awards grants in the fall and the spring. Application deadlines are September 1 and March 1 respectively. Questions about the grant guidelines and the application form may be directed to Scott Finneseth, Executive Director of the Foundation, at 465-4641 or P.O. Box 487, Perry, IA, 50220.

Directors of the Bock Family Foundation are: John Powell - President; Brent Halling – Vice President; Joyce Van Kirk – Secretary; Jean Bromert, Jon S. Peters, Harley Weyer, & Paul Burrow.