With the Iowa Primary Election less than two weeks away, candidates for many state, county and federal elected positions are starting to hit the home stretch with their campaigns. The campaigns for the U.S. Senate seats, the congressional seats, the Iowa House seats and the Iowa Senate seats have the most eyes on them state wide, but the races for County Auditors, County Sheriffs and County Supervisors certainly affect people right where they live.

In the race for Dallas County Auditor there are no democrats running in the Primary Election and two candidates looking to be the Republican nominee for the seat. Those candidates are Cate Bryan and Julia Helm.

While Helm may already have built relationships with government officials in the area through her seven years working in the County Auditor’s office, Bryan has been making her way around the area and introducing herself to those people, including visiting City Council meetings in the area to meet the council members and the mayors. She has also been door knocking and visiting community events in the area.

Bryan says that her campaign has always been about seeing the people.

"It’s all about taking the campaign to the people and talking to them about why I’m running," said Bryan.

She said that the campaign strategy is the same now as the Primary Election nears as it was when she first started the campaign.

One of the issues that Bryan’s campaign addresses is the need to incorporate new technology into the elections process, a stance similar to that of her opponent as stated on her website.

"Since we’re the fastest-growing county we need to lead by example and start embracing technology that’s kind of built to sustain efficient and effective results," said Bryan.

Another issue that she addresses is transparency and communication and the third issue is providing a leadership culture where the focus is serving others first.

"I think voters see that as I’m at the door talking and asking about them and what they feel is going on in the county right now," said Bryan.

Helm, Bryan’s opponent, already has seven years experience working in the Dallas County Auditor’s office with Gene Krumm, the current auditor who is retiring at the end of his term, but Bryan doesn’t feel like she has been playing catch up as a result during her campaign.

"I think, actually, a fresh set of eyes is what would be good for this office," said Bryan. "I’ve heard a lot of complaints about things just haven’t changed or been updated to meet the demands of what this county needs right now since it’s been growing."

Even though Helm has experience directly working in the County Auditor’s office, Bryan has experience doing government work as well as she currently works in constituent services for U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa.

Bryan has endorsements from multiple city councilmen, a former state representative and most notably, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. Bryan believes that those endorsements can go along way in this race.

"The lieutenant governor is a good friend of mine and obviously I certainly appreciate her support and her believing that I am the candidate for this job especially since she was a county official prior to becoming a state senator and now the lieutenant governor," said Bryan. "I think endorsements are significant. They show that people place their trust in you and they know that you’re capable to handle the job."

To vote in the Primary Election on June 7, you must be registered as either a Democrat or a Republican and you may only vote for one of the parties since Iowa has closed primaries. To cast a vote for either Bryan or Helm, you must be registered as a Republican.