I just read that some of the mayors of the County are asking for us to restructure our County government from 3 to 5 supervisors. I have dealt with this before and the ones behind it were also wanting an appointed, not elected, County Manager.

There are many unanswered questions on this matter. Who is behind this to organize the mayors to suddenly make this request? Why are the mayors going along with this notion? County government is separate from city government. Mayors are charged with leading the cities they represent. Residents of unincorporated areas of the county are represented by elected county supervisors.

My opinion is increasing the number of supervisors is a bad idea! Over many years I have put in countless hours to combating wasteful spending, minimize government growth and expose corruption. Space won’t allow me to cover this in detail. When government grows you have more expenses, more government over reach, less freedom and more regulations and more bureaucracy. Government tends to grow on its own and does not need to be encouraged.

Increasing from 3 to 5 supervisors is a direct, costly, increase in government. Increasing the number of supervisors would decrease the ability of represented people to educate or effect change in the Supervisors, as you would need to convince 3 people to your way of thinking rather than 2 people on issues.

I think we in the rural areas need to tell the mayors "thanks, but no thanks" to offering to run our county government. We are capable of managing our own governmental affairs. Rural people aren’t allowed to run for city council or mayor, nor are we allowed to vote in city elections, even though we may own property in the city limits. City people should not be allowed to interfere with county government.

Please contact your supervisors and let them know where you stand on this issue. The Supervisors can be reached at 515-993-5806.

Monty Button

Adel, Iowa