About Dallas County News

About Us

The Dallas County News is a member of Gatehouse Media Inc. and publishes every Thursday. In addition to the newspaper, we also publish a weekly free publication, the Dallas County Today, on Tuesdays.

The Dallas County News is the official paper of Dallas County and many cities within the county. We serve Adel, Waukee, Dallas Center, Grimes and the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver a newspaper that is informative, interesting and full of important information you need to make decisions. We value honesty and integrity and strive to improve the quality of life in our community. The Dallas County News is committed to providing a great value to our subscribers and advertisers by providing innovative approaches to how we conduct business.


At the Dallas County News we are dedicated to providing the best coverage of local news and sports in our community. We offer the best in advertising for all your advertising needs. Whether it be print, inserts or digital media, we can offer it all. Let us be the first and last place you go to for all your news and advertising needs.


The Dallas County News was founded in 1872.