GRIMES — Dogwoods Lodge, a luxury dog lodging facility, is now introducing a fresh take on dog daycare. This innovative program will cater to a wider range of dog temperaments- from the lazies to the crazies. Daycampers will experience a more hands-on day with interactive toys, agility courses, group training, scent games, and more. These mentally enriched activities will get the lazy dogs up and moving, while helping the more active dogs stay more focused and under control.

“We are so excited to put this new and improved Daycamp program into place. It is an excellent improvement for our Daycampers that will help them get both physically and mentally exhausted.,” Jessica Lohry Tapper, the owner of the establishment stated. “The end result of the increased focus on metal enrichment will be better behaved dogs here and at home, which means higher enjoyment and safety for the staff, dogs, and owners.”

Pampering our furry friends with their individual needs, while maintaining a safe environment is an absolute must for the staff at Dogwoods Lodge. When it comes to upholding safety in a group of dogs, the staff must keep the arousal levels down. By creating a smaller playgroup per activity session, the staff has the ability to match dogs more closely based on their temperament and size. They are also able to lead a calmer, more controlled group. Leading the calmer dogs to play with their more mellow friends and hyper dogs bouncing along together.

Dogwoods Lodge’s ultimate goal is to send their Daycampers home both mentally and physically better than they came. Even though the dogs were returning to their owners tired from a fun day of play before, the team wanted to enhance the experience. Sure it’s fun to run around with a toy and wrestle their friends, but what about agility courses and interactive treat toys? Additional enrichment to for any dog leads to a more fulfilling, tiring day.

After doing multiple trial runs with various groups of Daycamp dogs, the staff is prepped and ready to take on this exciting new version of Daycamp. Rooms are stocked full of new and exciting features just waiting to be tackled by the hundreds of different dogs that enter the facility each week.